The Best Smart Appliances to Buy to Give Your Kitchen a Tech-Upgrade!

When it comes to upgrading your kitchen, technology isn’t often the first thing which would be traditionally thought of. However, with the introduction of smart and connected devices, more and more homeowners are looking for ways to improve their kitchen.

If this sounds like you and you are looking for ways to introduce smart-tech into your kitchen without blowing your bank account on a total kitchen remodel, below is a selection of items which can all add up to significantly improve your kitchen life.

Trash Can

That’s right, a trash can. A connected trashcan solves one of the most frustrating habits which we all exhibit. And that is, throwing away the carton or the packet of an item and not putting it on the shopping list or ordering more. It’s strange behavior, but we all do it.

By simply scanning the barcode of your trash as you place it into the trash can, the item can either be added to your shopping list or automatically ordered, both without any action apart from simply scanning the barcode.


Have you ever been cooking and remembered that you needed to pay a bill? How about remembering a birthday and needing to quickly visit the Groupon Coupons page for 1800Flowers, only to realize that you have pots boiling on the stove and your hands are filled with food.

Enter the smart-refrigerator. By including an internet-connected touchscreen on the door, the above tasks, and in fact, any task that you perform on the internet, can be completed from your kitchen, using nothing more than your refrigerator and maybe your elbows so that you don’t get food on the screen.

Slow Cooker

It’s one thing to turn on your slow cooker and leave for work assuming that it’s doing its job, and quite another to turn it on and receive updates about the progress of the food and how it’s looking. The latter is exactly what you can expect from smart slow-cookers. By simply putting the ingredients into the slow cooker and telling the cooker what you have put in (by way of a companion app on your mobile device), you can monitor its progress and get updates about how your food is going.

Coffee Maker

Everybody loves coffee in the morning, but nobody likes to get out of bed to prepare it. What if you didn’t have to? What if you could both sleep in AND make coffee at the same time?

With connected coffee machines, this is no longer a dream to wake up from, it’s a dream to wake up TO! With a few simple presses of your mobile device screen or even with an automated recurring setup, your coffee machine can whir into action at just the right moment to ensure that you have the freshest coffee waiting for you to bring you back to life.

These are just four great smart appliances which you can add introduce into your kitchen to give it a tech upgrade and help boost the efficiency of your cooking and kitchen based activities.